About Jagdev Singh

Jagdev Singh comes from a family of farmers in Barnala. In 1951, he opened a shop and ran it for 2,3 years. Unfortunately, he met with an accident and had to shut shop.

Then he picked up freelance photography and dedicated his remaining time to farming. He has now farmed out his land, and has taken up freelance photography full-time.

He was a at the farmers’ protests since the first day, documenting the everyday life and struggles of the farmers of Panjab and Haryana. His pictures give us a brilliant insight into life at the protests, the struggles and simple joys. He has collected a lot of data and moments through his photographs. With his photographs, he aims to preserve their story and make it available to a larger audience to immortalize them.

Jagdev Singh is an expert in all kinds of photography and you can catch a glimpse of the vast work he has done on this website.

He is available for photography assignments such as wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots, product photography, still-life photography, and fashion photography.